Eighteen Ways To Eat An Avocado And One Way Not To

I suppose I had them when I very little, but I was fifteen when I remember vividly meeting my first avocado, bundled with rice in a California roll. But I was not enamored. It was a fat thing, though I am entirely over that now and I have learned that eating them will not lead to a life lived in elastic waist bands.

I now suffer a pleasant addiction. And it seems I’m not alone. I asked on Facebook for people to share their favorite ways to eat them and got an outpouring of responses!

Ways to eat an avocado

Nearly naked…

  • Scooped out with simple sea salt (Many said how much they loved them plain)
  • In chunks, drizzled with a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pepper, and salt (Carmila V.)

Spread on toast/bread/crostinis and topped with …

  • Thin cucumber slices (Yonni W.)
  • Sliced kiwi (Eating This Week)
  • Red pepper flakes (Alex N.)
  • Tomato slices and onion with feta (mix feta into the avocado) (Martha V.)
  • Poached egg (Laura Z.)

Or like this…

  • Cubed along side shrimp in a salad plus garlic and lemon juice (Nathalie B.)
  • Added to coconut milk soup – add when soup’s slightly cooled (Nathalie B.)
  • Mixed with edamame puree for a twist on guac (Betsy M.)
  • Blended into a smoothie (Fooducopia)
  • Mushed up in salad in lieu of dressing (Jessi H.)
  • Added on top of spicy black bean omelet (Sally G.)
  • With red cabbage, red onion, and jalapeno, dressed with orange juice and olive oil (Carole H.)
  • Cubed with grapefruit segments and thin slices of fennel (Emily Y.)
  • Cut in chunks and paired with mozzarella, basil and drizzled with olive oil

I also learned that many people eat them as dessert. With chocolate on top, and made into ice cream and whipped up into a cheese cake. Seriously.

Like Nathalie B, I too like love them alongside shrimp, so I grilled up some shrimp (the marinade was olive oil, garlic, honey, red pepper) then I made a simple avocado puree with soy sauce and crushed garlic and dipped each bite of shrimp into it.

I also love them very simply cubed with the soy sauce drizzled over them. Yes, I like salt. Confession here.

What’s so great about them anyway

  • By far the fattiest fruit out there (about 75% of the calories are from monounsaturated fat), but good fat is good;we need it to assimilate fat soluble vitamins (A,D,E,K).
  • High in several of the Bs (including folate), moderate level of  C, and E, and a bit of A
  • Super high in potassium (higher than bananas)
  • High in insoluble fiber
  • Filled with enzymes which help digestion. (Other fruits that bring their own enzymes are bananas, papaya, kiwi, mangos – perhaps this is why we often feed these to children.)

The lesser known stuff

  • Unlike most fruit (but like bananas), they mature on the tree but don’t ripen until picked, which is why they’re so often rock hard at the store.
  • They ripen from broad-end to stem-end, so if you’re only cutting a small piece, start at the fat-end.
  • Avoid excess heating as it releases bitter chemicals (that’s the “one way not to” )
  • The actual word avocado comes from the Aztec word “ahuacatl” which means testicle because of the shape. Nothing more to say on that.

How to win them

The only downside to avocados is when you want them ripe, they’re always hard. Enter Wholly Guacamole emergency guac and avocados in a pouch. I rarely promote branded products because I take great pride in pretending that it’s 1890 and I must wait for market day to buy my unbranded farm products. But the other day a box filled with pouches of guacamole (and salsa) arrived on my doorstep.  (Yes, it’s one of the perks of the job – some people get a paycheck, I get avocados.) My love for guac is enormous and avocados don’t grow north of the 35th parallel – the avocado cut-off line- so it’s not like I either eat their avocados or buy them locally up the road.

The guac and plain avocado “mush” is delicious (they don’t use chemicals or unnatural anything, including flavors) and it’s still avocado green after being frozen and thawed.

They’ve agreed to give a bunch of products to two people! One winner will be chosen from the commenters on this post and one from friends on The Sweet Beet Facebook page. So to enter, either leave a comment, saying your favorite ways to eat avocados or click here to go to the The Sweet Beet FaceBook page and click LIKE at the top of the page.

If you want to double your chances of winning, do both!  If you have avocado addicted friends, pass this along…

Share with us how you eat them!  Click here…

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  • http://www.facebook.com/Judihall70 Judi May Payton-Hall

    I like them on almost everything EXCEPT subways subs. otherwise Im addicted to avacods

  • Anonymous

    2 avos diced large
    1 lemon – juiced
    chipotle chili pepper to taste.
    mix, cover, fridge overnite

  • Monica Parker

    Serve on warm Quinoa..sliced hard boiled egg..sliced fresh or canned beets..red onion and sliced avocado..use your Fav dressing ..Mine is a mix of mayo..catsup and apple cider vinegar (till color is pink)…

  • Monica Parker

    On a bed of fresh cooked kale…cooked shrimp (I like to boil ..then cool them)..red onion..avocado…beets…hard boiled eggs…Fav dressing of mine is the mayo..catsup..apple cider vinegar mixed till pink…this recipe I like taking on plane or car trips.. Because you eat it chilled…I had an airline pilot walk by commenting on what a beautiful salad it was!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lococoshipp Lisa Lococo-Shipp

    Halved, a little salt and pepper; AND a spoon! Voila! Yum!!!

  • Chandra

    1.Mashed up and spread on whole grain wheat toast, red pepper flakes and sea salt.
    2. Diced in a bowl with shredded light cheddar, sea salt, red pepper flakes, and roasted sliced almonds for crunchy texture.

  • Dan

    Dollop of mayo in the middle… Mm mm mmmmm

  • Adam C

    I love to eat avocados with smoked sardines and pita crackers. YUMMY!

  • Vicky B

    I love Avocado ice cream! Using my powerful Ninja blender I use the single serving cup and load with at least 6 ice cubes, about half a cup of half and half, lime juice (tasty and prevents browning) and sugar substitute ( or Sugar, Stevia, Agave, Honey, whatever) Hit the blend button for a couple seconds and you have a soft serve ice cream that is like none you have ever tasted. The ice and fat from the avocado and half and half eliminates the need for an ice cream maker. You can freeze this but the frozen product is not exactly like normal ice cream but if you don’t like the creamy texture and want it a little stiffer do so for just a little while. You can’t store it in the freezer for to many days though because it will turn brown. Absolutely amazingly delish!

  • Vicky B

    I forgot! the avocado’s in the ice cream. I add about 2 for a single/double serve.( about 12 oz cup)

  • awa

    mashed avocado and i put condensed or powdered milk and a bit of sugar and of course ice! if its too thick just add water…my favorite :)

  • awa

    mashed avocado and i put condensed or powdered milk and a bit of sugar and of course ice! if its too thick just add water…my favorite :)

  • rangs

    I cut my first Avacado today while it was still green & ate a few pieces with the skin !!! Most of the fruit is still left, is eating it while green ok?

  • Abbie

    i eat them with cubed ice, full cream evaporated milk/fresh milk, a bit of sugar and cubed and mashed avocado. nice way to beat summer! enjoy! :)

  • http://www.nailgirl.net/ Lexie

    Blended with condensed milk in a smoothie! Yummmm

  • http://www.nailgirl.net/ Lexie

    Blended with condensed milk in a smoothie! Yummmm

  • cristina

    In a dip, chopped up with chopped frozen cooked shrimp (thawed) in chunky salsa. Eat with some
    chips. its delicious!

  • foodlover99

    they avocado with soya sauce is DELICIOUS! I loved it! thanks :)

  • Lona

    I love them in tacos and plain.

  • Sammi

    I am Brazilian, so I love eating them our way. How’s that? Mashed up and mixed with cane sugar! (:

    • Marisha1622

      try it with milk and freeze it like a sherbet :)

  • Lori Corey

    Myself and my 8 yr old daughter love avacado….she sneaks them when I’m not looking and loves them plain,in a sandwich,on toast,salad,with meat(any),I always tell her she’s going to turn into an avacado…..our favorite way to eat avacado is in our mouths……she usually will eat them within a day of buying them I need to hide them under potatoes..lol….I need a magic avacado tree….the bank may laugh at a loan request for an avacado greenhouse….well happy avacadoing……

  • Britta

    I mix avocado with cottage cheese and banana, so it all becomes mushy and delicious!

  • Marius Savant

    So good…..so good.

  • Holly Jacobs

    I love avacado with salt and brewers yeast. Delishious!

  • Amy S

    I have to disagree with not heating them…I have coated them in egg and seasoned panko and fried them in olive oil until crispy. They don’t come out bitter at all, just a warm, smooth, nutty flavor if anything 😀

  • LolKittunz

    It’s weird how Americans and Europeans usually see avocado as a savory “vegetable”. In most other parts of the world, avocado is a dessert fruit. Eaten with sugar and milk.

  • Linda Curtis

    I was reading the avocado seed is editable having more nutrients.

  • Ariel

    Me and my mum both like to cut an avacado into small cubes and mix it with sunflower seeds, agave nectar, and balsamic vinegar. It’s a must try!

  • Luanne McLeary

    I am a 66 year old female who has craved avocados daily since my first taste in 1970. They get the credit for my smooth complexion and healthy body. I enjoy five a week and love spreading on toasted whole-grain bread.

  • Ed

    I love them chilled and covered with celery salt!

  • carly berry

    i eat it my avocados chopped up with jalapeno juice! absolutely delicious if you want a healthier and more textured guacamole!!

  • Brenda Peck

    Avocado manyse red wine vinegar garlic salt seasoning salt and pepper mixed together amazing