Make Your Own Almond Milk

What I love about making this at home is control over the ingredients, in particular the level of sweetness.

What You’ll Need

Raw almonds
Honey (optional)
A blender
Cheese cloth or a sieve

Soak the almonds overnight in water.  The next day, drain the almonds.  Add the almonds and (fresh) water (in the ratio of 3:1 water to almonds), to a blender.  Blend well. Add a touch of honey to sweeten (if you wish). Strain through either a sieve or cheese cloth. (The cheese cloth will catch even more of the almond skin.)

Rather than throwing out the almond skin that you’ve collected, try this … Mix the brown fibrous bits with: a touch of honey, a sprinkle of unsweetened cocoa powder, some unsweetened coconut flakes, and a sprinkling of sunflower seeds. You’ve just created a divine, sweet treat, rich in fiber and goodness.

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  • Notcool

    i thought almond skin was better to avoid because of the phytic acid that’s difficult for the stomach to digest. That’s why i started blanching my almonds.

    thanks for the post though

    • Michelle Madden

      Some may have difficulty with the skin in which case blanching def can help – soaking overnight in cold filtered water can help too.

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  • Lin

    I made this tonight – easy and yum!  I was interested in the dessert part – yum too.  Question – how long does the milk keep?  How long does the dessert keep?  Sorry for the questions – I’m not a natural in the kitchen!

    • Michelle Madden

      It will last easily 10 days if not longer…

    • Michelle Madden

      It will last easily 10 days if not longer…

  • Eric Paige

    I use the pulp in bread dough.  If you make rice milk (I usually use brown rice), the pulp can be cooked up into a porridge or rice pudding.

    • Charley Moonchild

       thank you eric! I’ve been looking for ways to not waste the pulp. I hate waste!

  • guest

    Thanks for the recipe. If you want to eat less sugar, add a few drops of vanilla and a little rose water instead of honey.