My food philosophy is simple: Eat whole foods (meaning the stuff that didn’t get assembled by machines). Eat natural fats, meat, and all the vegetables and fruit you can get your hands on (even the non organic ones).

You will feel radically better when you do.

My own journey began in a suburban kitchen with an avocado-colored fridge.  I would stand on a yellow chair, chin-clearing the counter, and stir coconut into wheat germ cake, while my mother guided her apprentice.

As a 20-something however, this love of whole foods took a dangerous detour and I was obsessed with calories. The only “safe” foods were the fat-free, sugar-free kind. Artificial sweetener was nectar from the Gods and SnackWell fat-free Cookies (ah, the 90s) a miracle.  And if a bowl of fat-free ice cream had the same calories as a piece of salmon, who would NOT choose the ice cream?!

But this obsession was extremely unhealthy.  I gained 20 pounds and found eating a constant exercise in restraint.

So I decided to never again pick up another packaged  “sweetener” or eat anything with a “fat free” label. And this changed everything. I lost 20 pounds, gained energy and became passionate about learning and experiencing the truth behind what we eat.  I now cook daily, drink whole milk in my tea, eat red meat (in moderation), cook with coconut oil and use butter on the pancake skillet.

At it’s core, eating well is an act of self love which has physical, emotional and spiritual implications.  So eat up. You deserve it.


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