My food philosophy is this: Eat whole foods (meaning the stuff that didn’t get assembled by machines and people wearing hair-nets). Eat natural fats, meat, and all the vegetables and fruit you can find (even the non organic ones).  You will feel radically better when you do.

My own journey began in a suburban kitchen with an avocado-colored fridge.  I would stand on a yellow chair, chin-clearing the counter, and stir coconut into wheat germ cake, while my mother guided her apprentice.

As a teenager and 20-something, this love of whole foods took a dangerous detour and I was obsessed with calories. The only “safe” foods were the fat-free, sugar-free kind. Artificial sweetener was nectar from the Gods and SnackWell Cookies, a miracle.

But this obsession was totally useless and really quite boring – for me and anyone that cared to listen.

So I decided to never again pick up another baby blue packaged  “sweetener” and with that one draconian move, my whole world shifted.  I now cook daily, eat full-fat foods, meat, fish, coconut oil and butter. I still occasionally get a craving for a full-figured toasted raisin, cinnamon bagel with butter AND cream cheese and every once in a while, that craving gets answered and damn it tastes amazing.

So this is what I know so far:

  1. The more you know about___ (insert any good-for-you food) the better it tastes. (This is especially true for kale.)
  2. The more aware you are of how nutritious a food is, the more nutritious it will be. (Call it the food-placebo effect of food.)
  3. When you eat packaged foods labeled “sugar-free” or “fat-free”, you subconsciously think they don’t count.
  4. The more sugar and refined carbs you eat, the more you want to eat them.
  5. Pure, unprocessed fat (which includes saturated fat) is good for you, and essential for you AND does not make YOU fat.
  6. Calories lie. (A doughnut has the same as a piece of salmon.)
  7. The more money you spend on quality food, the better it tastes and the less you’ll waste.
  8. Confidence trumps talent in the kitchen.  In life too.

As for my non-food background, I grew up in Canada. I went to college at Queen’s University (in Ontario), moved to England, then Australia then Boston to pursue a graduate degree at Harvard. Then to NYC where I started an Internet strategy firm to help media co’s share their love with a digital audience. Feeling the need to feed my own inner artist, I became a photographer who photographed people (never food – unless they happened to be eating). I did this pretty seriously and then combined it with my love of writing – and The Sweet Beet was born.   (I skipped a few steps inbetween, but that’s the gist.)

At its core, eating well is an act of self love which has physical, emotional and spiritual implications.  Eat up. You deserve it.


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