To Cheat Or Not To Cheat?

{A post I wrote for Attune foods}

I knew during the whole sinful indulgence, that I was doing something wrong but desires are powerful and restraint exhausting. I had been so loyal for so long and I was starting to feel like I actually deserved to be bad.  It was all over within a couple exhilarating hours but I awoke the next morning knowing that I’d paid for that delicious night.

It was Saturday. I was tired. I was at the grocery store and every cell in my body was begging for sugar and fat. I considered dried mango, prunes, grapes but the fat content was too low and the sugar too pure.  And then I saw it – mint chip ice cream. It was waiting for me, knowing that I would walk over to it.  For the next 3 hours, I had multiple encounters with that delicious tub and only when I decided to drown the remaining third in warm water in the sink, did the night end.

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This Is Why I Cook

(Finn teaching his dog how to crack an egg.)

Food, friends, family and Finn. When I reflect on what has brought me more joy than I could ever imagine this year, that’s it. Food, itself, has so often been at the core of the joyful moments with people I love, that it is inseparable.

I wrote this piece below for the NYTimes but they did not run it, so you, my dear loyal readers are the first to see it ….

This Is Why I Cook

He had me at “trout”.   I still remember the dinner even though it was five years ago. I remember the dinner even better than I remember him, because we were never a great fit and I knew I would never marry him but I was in love with his love of cooking. I was in love with our compatibility in the kitchen. I was in love with how confidently he navigated the spice aisle at Fairway and his ability to deglaze a pan.

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Turkeys Don’t Have Sex

It’s nearly turkey time and the turkey you will eat this Thanksgiving is a very different bird than what the Pilgrims ate in 1620 or what your parents ate in 1950.  The “super turkey” of today is a different breed and a dramatically different size.  The turkey of 2013 grew up on a factory farm where the administering of antibiotics and the practice of selective breeding is rampant.

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Why Tinned Food Is Better Than Homemade

{A post I wrote for Attune Foods}

I remember Thanksgiving fondly, but not because of the food. My parents were practical people and when it came to Thanksgiving the food was practical too. There were no pinenuts in the stuffing, bacon in the Brussels sprouts or wine in the gravy.  The cranberry sauce was from Ocean Spray. I can still see the circular imprints from the tin  – the not so subtle evidence of its time in cramped quarters. The evidence was destroyed as it was crushed with a fork and shaken into the ceramic bowl. The Brussels sprouts were boiled in salt water and drained – never roasted. The potatoes were roasted. The skin was peeled off and they were placed around the bird – my Dad always referred to the turkey as “the bird”-  and cooked for as long as the bird cooked. The stuffing was made from toasted bread with lots of melted butter, salt and pepper, oregano and thyme and definitely cooked inside the bird. (This was before any concern that sticking something inside raw poultry and eating it, might poison the family with salmonella.)  ……..

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Sprouted Food: Worth The Hype?

There’s an entire sub section in Whole Food’s bulk food that’s devoted to premium priced “sprouted” food. There are $5 sprouted nut bars popping up in corner delis alongside the PopTarts and I was just sent a collection of sprouted pasta and cereals that are beautifully packaged with a tan and white palate and manufactured by a company that makes nothing but sprouted food.

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Is Your Bed Making You Fat?

{A post I wrote for Attune Foods}

I used to get a solid eight hours of sleep and would do everything in my power to protect this sacred practice. Then Finn came into my life and along with him, many months of five hours of sleep, maybe six. I got so accustomed to it that even after he starting sleeping through the night (his ten-month birthday present to me), I would wake at least twice, my body anticipating his cries, toss for fifteen minutes and go back to sleep – until he stirred my body from it’s poorly rested state at 6 am.

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Healthiest Muffins Ever?


 I used to have a lot of time for cooking.  I would walk leisurely through the farmer’s market with only a faint notion of what I would cook for dinner, confident that inspiration would strike as I stood before a pile of eggplant or stared down an onion. How I long for those days. My goal now is to eat. And it has to taste good. And it still has to be made by me. If I can pack nutrients and taste into the food and cook it fast, I’m happy.  So I was pretty psyched to find a recipe online that I altered and tweaked for Chia Almond Zucchini Coconut Muffins – my new go-to afternoon snack.

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Eating Too Much Junk? Here’s How To Stop…

{A post I wrote for Attune Foods}

He stretched his arms up with great force, toward the muffin. He was not going to take no for an answer.  I offered the apple and the cheese and the blueberries but got a flat rejection. I tried to reason, but try THAT with an 18 month old!

I was starting to see a pattern of he (and I) eating a few too many morning muffins (and the odd bagel), and I knew I needed to reverse course before it became entrenched. And we succeeded, pretty quickly.

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Ten Things You Didn’t Know

As the leaves and the temperatures drop, I am eager again to turn on the stove, tie the food-stained apron around my waist and awake my cast-iron soup pot from hibernation. I was making squash soup other day, using my kitchen glove to roll the garlic cloves to loosen the skin and thought about how many tricks I’ve developed, modified and stolen, over the years. Here are 10 (actually 11) of the less commonly known ….

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The Five Dollar Tomato – Worth It?

{A post I wrote for Attune Foods}

I think of tomatoes as the bridge food between summer and fall.  Just when the summer fruit season in the Northeast is ending – the crowd of peaches is thinning at the farmers market and the blueberries have packed up, the most flavorful tomatoes are only just arriving and will be around for at least another month. And they only get better and better as they’ve had time to soak up the August rays.

The only issue I have with tomatoes is that like with many fruits, it can be impossible to tell what’s on the inside by looking at the outside.  So I decided to do a test and see whether paying more really gets you more….

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